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Case Study



Physician Shortage Remedies

When finalizing their physician staffing contract, this client turned to D&Y for locums support for a seamless transition.



This Tennessee facility was without a formal hospital medicine program and had a critical need for inpatient coverage while finalizing an outsourced physician staffing contract.


D&Y partnered with them to provide physician coverage while the facility was finalizing an outsourced physician staffing contract. Leveraging experienced recruitment teams, a vast provider network, and an array of recruiting resources, D&Y was able to identify and present several qualified physicians with the immediate availability necessary to fulfill the critical scheduling requirements. In close partnership with D&Y’s in-house credentialing support team, the medical staff office was able to successfully obtain hospital privileges for five physicians. Subsequently, D&Y was able to provide both consistent and complete Monday-Friday coverage as well as a customized on-call model for night coverage through the pool of recruited contract physicians.


D&Y was successful in providing:

  • Qualified candidates
  • Efficient and effective privileging support
  • A stabilized schedule comprised of D&Y physicians
  • A custom call model to meet night coverage requirements
  • Full management of facility schedule for both D&Y and client-employed physicians
  • Seamless transition


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