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Case Study



NYC COVID-19 Crisis Coverage


A New York City-based health system serving a patient population decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic was forced to create an emergency field hospital to meet the patient care demands of those impacted by the Coronavirus. The health system’s medical staff was stretched beyond capacity to operate the emergency facility and treat the rising influx of crisis patients.


Given the immediate and critical need for quality physicians to provide clinical care at the emergency COVID-19 field facility, the health system contacted D&Y to assist in the critical task of quickly building a qualified medical staff to serve on the pandemic front line.

As New York City became the national face of the Coronavirus crisis, D&Y was able to quickly recruit, credential and relocate a response team of over 50 clinicians who provided approximately 17,000 hours of patient care during a three-month period.

D&Y has been able to effectively flex coverage up and down throughout the pandemic, leading to responsible and appropriate coverage with both patient care and fiscal responsibility in mind. Based on this performance, D&Y has earned the opportunity to support this critical operation throughout the remainder of 2020.

  • 50 clinicians placed
  • 17,000 hours of patient care
  • 3 days – Time elapsed from date of initial contact to initial presentation

Since 1989, D&Y has held a distinctive leadership position within the healthcare staffing marketplace, driving unparalleled results through matching qualified clinicians with quality practice environments. Our dedication to our valued client partners is evidenced in our ongoing commitment to cost containment and cost reduction, while also driving market share and revenue enhancements – ultimately resulting in quality outcomes for the patient populations that you serve.

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